Realtime life-saving platform. Core purposed to be saving 120+ millions of lives across the world year over year... in realtime.

Safe Blood:
Blood recieved from friends, family, known people of whose health conditions, social habits, travel moments are clear to you is always considered safest blood plausible.

Blood Network:
Knowing who amongst your friends, extended family, known people in your contact list matches with blood groups of you, your kids, your family... enhances your chances of securing safest blood plausible even in the case of..

whether you are requesting for blood or volunteering to donate blood... You decide how others get to see your details or contact you. You are incharge of your privacy at all times

All your data is protected in financial system like security, OTP based login, secure socket layer based communication.

Boost Request:
Enhance your chances to get more responses by reaching more donors through

Let volunteered donors contact you with confidence, Enhance your opportunity to secure safe blood by verifying your blood request ahead.

Life Saving Platform: is Lifesaving app, platform… core purposed to be empowering crores of people across the world to save lives of friends, family, people nearby… fighting for life in the need of blood in real-time - our dream in making.