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I am in need of blood, how can we request blood ?

Can I request blood for others ?

Should we pay money to request blood ?

Should I pay donor for donation?

How can we pay our gratitude for donor ?

What are fulfilled blood requests ?

What is Boost Request ?

Is it mandatory to boost request ?

What is Verifying Blood Request ?

Is it mandatory to verify request ?

Who are Interested Donors ?

Can I express interest to donate blood, Save life ?

Can a donor withdraw their interest ?

Who are approved donors?

Can donors with draw their support even after their help is approved by needy [ blood seeker ] ?

Who are withdrawn donors ?

Who are rejected donors ?

What does spam mean in ?

Why my blood request is marked spam ?

My blood request recieved spam alerts, what can I do ?

My blood request is closed as spam, what can I do ?

Is there any way to reactivate spam marked blood request ?

Why my profile is marked spam ?

My profile is marked spam, what can I do ?

My profile blocked as spam, is there a way to retrieve it ?

What are credits?

Can I transfer the credits ?

Can I refund the credits ?

Why do I see Your account is locked ?

Why am I not recieving OTP?

Why my phone number is pre registered?

What is deactivate account in

Will all my information be removed from upon deactivation ?

What is donor card ?

What is family in ?

How about privacy within ?

How about security within

What is ?

Why ?

Why should I use ?

Where is ?

When should I use ?

How does work ?

Is NGO ?

Is a blood bank ?

I have a concern about where to report ?

I have feedback about where to report ?

I want to appreciate, How can I do so ?

How can I donate blood ?

What are the perks of donating blood?

Can I volunteer for blood donation without revealing my details ?

What is Real-time Life Saving Platform ?

What is Safe Blood ?

How can we get safe blood ?

What is blood network ?

Can I opt-out of blood network ?


Why does offer certificates?

Should we pay to get certificate ?